Sunday, May 10, 2009

Place-mark entry: April & May 2009

Much has happened since my last entry. Lots of random thoughts but nothing focused enough for a specific blog entry, so just putting the events down as a place-mark entry for future reference.

1. Was hospitalized for pneumonia. Health took a long road to recovery thereafter.
2. Home's interior was upgraded by HDB. Pending external works.
3. Delay of my completion of clinical requirements resulting in not finishing in-time for this year's graduation ceremony. In addition, the extended delay to my SNB registration, and thus start of job and bond. [Update: Thanks to my lecturers' and course manager's extraordinary efforts, my case was given special processing and I graduated together with my classmates.]
4. Went to a "Patient Safety" talk organized by Besides the government and hospital-led initiatives, IMHO, this consumer-led activism can become a key pillar to improving Singapore's healthcare system.
5. A leading Singapore feminist NGO AWARE EXCO was usurped by Christian fundamentalists. What surprised me was that I personally know people from both sides of the debate.
6. Swine flu H1N1-2009 outbreak. Singapore stepped-up to Orange Alert from 3pm on Thursday 30-April to Sunday 10-May inclusive. MOH recalled all nursing students from hospital clinical.
7. Received notice that my emigration application will soon be processed. Reality of leaving the comfort-zone of homeland comes knocking.

With so much happening, not surprised that my brain is buzzing. Balancing that by enjoying my time idling, surfing internet, on home improvements and reading instead.

Currently reading Richard Carlson's "You can be happy no matter what: 5 principles for keeping life in perspective". Obtained this book from the first-ever National Library Board's Book Exchange event on Saturday 25-April.

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