Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi-tea cruise

Went for a hi-tea cruise organized by the hospital's staff club recently. Almost didn't make it because SEN L and I were both taking team on the morning shift and we had to leave work slightly earlier to get to the pier on time. Luckily, SSN R (who was in-charge that morning) and the afternoon staff took over from us earlier.

The whole cruise boat was booked for about 150 people, consisting of staff and their family members. We paid $20 each, inclusive of the gifts, prizes, food, island trip, cruise, professional games and entertainment organizers. I think the hospital subsidised the trip. Everyone had a door gift of a bottle of baby powder. Out of work habit, some of us checked the expiry date on the bottom upon receiving it :-P . There were G-rated games organized on the boat as well as on the island. People were somewhat shy at the games. The teams draw, and thus everyone took home a simple prize. The food was ok. The entertainment, especially the singer on electric keyboard, was good. The lucky draw prizes were simple. The top prizes were a 1-day all expense paid trip to Batam for 1. Being used to seeing my colleagues in uniform, everyone looks different outside of the uniform. The natural light showed that many ladies had medium to thick make-up. As always, there were the minority who talked about work even while away on a resort island. However, majority were there for fun. They seemed to enjoy the simple stuff.

As the boat returns to the Marina South pier, the view of the CBD (Central Business District) came to sight. It occurred to me that this is quite a different crowd from my previous industry.

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