Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Topless sunbathing beds

I was assigned to take care of the ward's assets listing. On the recent asset audit day, finance lady NL and I searched high and low for 2 missing beds, but failed.

Today the ward manager NO and the admin staff M went around the hospital hunting for the 2 missing beds. It turned out that they were sitting outside the repairmen's workshop. NO described them thus.

"How can the beds be lying in the open air, under the rain and the sun? Gathering rust? Moreover the beds are without mattresses. It's like the beds are sunbathing topless!"

"If you say that to the xxx [repairmen's dept] people, they will tell you that they [the beds] are ang moh sunbathers [i.e. Caucasians who sunbathe topless].", I replied jokingly.

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