Wednesday, December 02, 2009

6 months old

I'm 6 months old at work, surprise surprise! Had pretty good times for yesterday and today. The ward manager was back from her annual leave yesterday.

Yesterday was a lull day. The ward manager even had time to share with us about traditional chinese medicine in the afternoon. SN J was in-charge, SN L and I were team leaders, SEN MY and SEN M were runners for each team respectively. I started with 3 patients (all relatively stable) and a booking for a ICU-return-to-ward case. 2 patients were discharged that evening, SN J helped me to label the medications for one of them as our pharmacy was already closed. SN L took the heavier team at the back with around 8 patients. I offered to help her, but her patients were also relatively stable and thus she didn't need much help except when she was taping the handover report.

Today SSN Y was in-charge, and there were 4 SNs (SN O, SN L, SN RB and me) + 1 HCA K. The assignment was SN O + HCA K for the heavier team and SN L + me (as runner) for the lighter team. SN RB as the extra runner between the 2 teams. Thanks to SN RB helping me out with the parameters and I/O charting, I could do ad-hoc jobs (e.g. collection of medication stock, collection of blood for transfusion, emptying Jackson-Pratt drain, HGT test, assist in clearance of an abscess, etc). SSN Y went through and signed my on-the-job training form as it is already due. I even had time to take photos of our ward's Christmas decorations. :-)

There were several admissions late in the evening, just before report handover. Nevertheless, I hope that the next 3 days will be peaceful for me too, because I am counting down to my vacation.

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