Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bookworm next to the library

It's my day-off today. Caught up on sleep for much of the day. In addition, am reading 3 books/magazine borrowed from the library.

As far as I could remember, from age 3+ when my elder brother first borrowed books from his primary school, I was quite a bookworm. We stayed with my grandparents in an extended family. My grandparents doted on my uncle and gave him money to buy many books and an encyclopedia. Besides storybooks, I remember spending time flipping through my uncle's books at random. My favourites were the encyclopedia, the books analysing people and the books that taught one to draw; especially the encyclopedia. I thought then that if someone could have instant access to all that information, it would be so helpful in life. Fast forward some 30+ years, it is now a reality, thanks to Google and Wikipedia.

During my teenage years, when my parents were going through their mid-life and marriage crisis, I took refuge in the town's public library. I spent many afternoons reading murder-mysteries and other fiction, non-fiction works on arts-and-crafts, growing-up, inspirational people, personality analysis, religions and world issues. Back then, such non-fiction English books were mostly from European or American sources. I suspect this early exposure to the western world resulted in my liberal attitude towards personal choices.

A big plus of my current home is that it is next to the library where I had spent much of my youth. Now that I am planning to migrate, one criteria for my future home is "located near a public library". Fortunately, in this internet age, locating public libraries in a distant country is as easy as doing some finger-walking.


  1. Hey, just checking out your post and am very impressed. Your style is great, and I especially enjoyed this most recent post. Well done!

  2. Hi StorytellERdoc,

    Thanks for dropping by and your encouragement. I enjoyed reading your entries too.