Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Friday and Excellent Easter

I had not been feeling well on the Thursday, the eve of Good Friday. Thanks to help and support from my colleagues (especially SEN M, SN O, SN L and SSN R), I survived my double shift on Thursday.

On the morning of Good Friday, the ward manager cancelled my afternoon shift due to low patient census. I was glad to take a break.

Saturday and Easter Sunday were happy working days. Thanks to the Good Friday and Easter festive season, the patient census remained low. Each team had a load of 4-7 patients. It puts the staff in a good mood, and resulting in a cordial working environment where staff were supporting each other. From the customers' perspective, they get better treatment and service.

It leads me to think, the first and major factor towards improving nurses' professional image would be to improve the staff-patient ratio.


p.s. This is my 100th blog entry. A milestone on my internet journal journey.


  1. congrats winking doll on your 100th post!!

    well, it's an egg or chicken issue on this..whether we should improve on imagine 1st, attract more quality nurses and then reduce patient to staff ratio or vice versa..

    hard although..because nothing will change at this rate..l just manage to welcome my no 8th singaporean/malysian (whom had work in singapore hospital prior) this month whom will be working in my ICU...the best way is just to encourage the exdous of singapore trained nurses to go abroad for greener pasture..that could be the only way to attract the attention of the government and the actions it would need to rectify the situation.

    anyway, hope you get well soon!

  2. Hi Bone Collector,

    Thanks for dropping by despite your busy back-to-school schedule.

    > the best way is just to encourage the exdous of singapore trained nurses to go abroad for greener pasture

    Ha ha, I must be doing a good job in that aspect. I had to inform my ward manager regarding my migration plans because I needed her help with an employer reference form. Thankfully, she was very supportive.

    Somehow it was leaked that I would be leaving for Canada. It turns out that almost all of my younger (i.e. under age 40, both local and foreign) colleagues are interested to venture overseas. Thus, they started discussing their hopes/plans with me :-P