Monday, September 13, 2010


Amidst packing to migrate, I took a break to attend 戲劇合 “噓...与社區有約” [Drama Box's "Shh... a date with the community"], a public theatre performance last weekend. Click here for information about the censorship on the original production planned.

I enjoyed the performance. The Forum Theatre segment got the audience involved in thinking of and presenting alternative solutions. IMHO, it is an excellent stimulus for thinking deeper about issues. Perhaps with more such community stimuli, Singapore may someday develop into a truly cosmopolitan city -- not one with only a cosmopolitan facade that hides its parochial attitudes.

At the sing-along session, the oldies reminded me of songs that I learnt during schooldays. One particular song “細水長流”* made me all misty-eyed.

* Note: “細水長流” literally means "small streams of water flows continuously" and refers figuratively to "friendship runs deeply". The English equivalent of the above song would be "Those were the days". Ahh, another memory filled song for me.

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