Saturday, October 16, 2010

My guardian angels

As mentioned in my previous post, I had neither kin nor kith when I first applied to migrate to Canada. Strangely enough, along the way, at the right place and the right time, my guardian angels appear.


First off is PN. PN and I were both sitting at the front row of chairs at the Singapore Central Police Station back in August-2009. We were clutching our Canadian High Commission letter requesting for police clearance, waiting for our ticket number to be called. Glancing to our left, right and back, there were others headed the same way. Out-of-the-blue, in an untypically Singaporean character, we started to chat. PN was methodical in her migration plans -- right down to checking the best price for the medical check-up, cheapest way to transfer funds, most cost-effective personal items shipping, best deal for air tickets, best time to land, and renewing her Singapore passport before leaving. [Note, in case you're wondering about the passport: In Canada, there was is no Singapore High Commission, Consulate, Representative Office, whatsoever. Zilch!]

[Edit on Nov 29th, 2011: Since May 12th 2011, after GE2011, Singapore appointed a Honorary Consul-General in Vancouver.]


Then on my final month in Singapore, friends and family started passing me whatever Canadian-based contacts they had. Plus, online friends linked me to Vancouver-based contacts that could be my safety-line if needed. If any of you happened to read this, BIG THANK YOU!


The weekend before I fly, I passed my outstanding Singapore paperwork to my younger sister LF, who helped me to follow-through. My elder sister LY gave me her 2 large luggage bags and her London winter wear. The luggage bags were great, just large enough to fit all the remaining items and gave a total weight that just met the check-in luggage limits [2 pieces of maximum 22kg each]. The winter wear is a life-saver, I am dressed in them daily.


When the plane touched-down at Vancouver airport, the elderly Taiwanese lady, whom I sat next to and chatted with, turned around and pointed out SL who was sitting 5 seats behind me. “她也是新加玻人,也是新移民到加拿大。” ["She is also a Singaporean. She is also a new migrant to Canada."]

It turned out that SL was sitting next to and chatted with this same Taiwanese lady on the Taipei-to-Manila leg of their journey. SL and I clicked right-away. We "landed" as new Canadian immigrants on the same day, from the same plane. In the recent days, we found so many similarities in our lives, despite her years away from Singapore and her high-flying and jet-setting career. She told me that as she was traveling to Canada without kin or kith, she prayed to God for someone... and I'm her first friend in Canada!


Thank you, my guardian angels.


  1. glad to hear you meet some great ppls!!!!seems like everything is going smoothly for u!!! well done!