Thursday, December 09, 2010

Fill-up that A-hole

Sales is brisk this week given the holiday seasonal promotions. My colleague R and I were re-stocking the fast-moving electronic games shelves. The games are divided into sections and arranged alphabetically within each section.

Being more experienced, he was up on the ladder picking up the titles for re-fill. My role was to scan through the shelves and shout to him the sold-out titles -- a.k.a. "holes in the display wall" -- that need to be replaced by new titles. We were quickly running out of new titles.

When we were almost done, I shouted, "We still need something to put into the 'A' hole."

Colleague R, still up on the ladder, turned around and laughed, "You're funny!"

I looked somewhat puzzled.

R, still tickled, teased, "That's a naughty thing to say."

"Oops, I didn't mean it that way!" I replied. And I started laughing too.

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