Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Billion-dollar woman

After Christmas and Boxing week, sales slowed down. In addition, we entered into preparations for inventory audit and thus there were minimal stock shipment received.

One particular boring afternoon, I played with the manual price tagger and made myself a price tag with
  • the store code,
  • my 5-digit employee number [in place of the 6-digit product code], and
  • a price of $999,999,999 [the maximum value from the tagger].
Then I pasted it on my work vest just above my name tag.

A few colleagues noticed the price tag and we had some good laughs over it. I joked, "Yes, I feel like a billion dollars."

One observant colleague remarked, "That's not a billion dollars."

And I replied, "Well, you've got to give some tips. At least a loonie."

p.s. "Loonie" is the Canadian slang for a dollar.

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