Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skills Connect for Immigrants

For no particular reason, I felt quite happy yesterday.

In the afternoon, I went for a Skills Connect for Immigrants talk to see how I may get guidance on returning back to health care. [Note: There is also a queue to get into the program, currently a 8-10 weeks wait.] Thereafter, I shopped for mundane stuff -- socks, hair dye, tampons, and facial moisturizer. Followed by a volunteer talk and English charade games night at a settlement services agency. Nothing special or concrete to improve my current life circumstances.

Yet somehow I felt happy. Happy enough that I danced in my room to music from my mobile phone upon reaching home at night. Happy enough that I had a surge of energy to check emails, read blogs, surf the internet, check/update Facebook and am still awake at 6am after staying up the whole night!

Ah, the wonders of emotions and emotional energy. Ups and downs as always.

p.s. Another nursing friend, whom I got to know from Singapore, has just arrived in Toronto.

[Addendum on 11-Jul-2011]
9 weeks after my application to join the "Skills Connect for Immigrants program" was submitted, I was assigned an Employment Counselor. I am happy to say that, as luck would have it, my supportive counselor also switched career herself (from banking to employment services).

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