Friday, August 26, 2011

Opportunity knocks

It is coming to the end of my 2 weeks vacation. I have to admit that despite my earlier blog entry, I had spent a significant amount of my vacation time surfing online for news, videos, and commentary about the Singapore Presidential Elections 2011. And of course, commenting on my friends' comments on Facebook too.

Aside from the above, I have been running errands, doing some reading, interacting online, sending in my application for another theatre project, volunteering for a day with an ethnic/cultural group, checking out the "Back to School" deals, re-organizing my room and attending some social gatherings. Not forgetting, of course, I cooked some curry for the "Cook and Share a Pot of Curry!" event.

Yesterday, Wednesday 24-Aug-2011, the person that I (surprisingly) have a crush on suddenly replied my emails. He was caught up with the hectic pace of life once he returned to Singapore. From the tone of his email, it seems like he still cares. I was so excited reading his email that I was crying tears of happiness. I know, I know, silly girl! Right?
But consider that the last time he visited, I turned away from his attempt to kiss me after our dinner date. And on our final brief meet-up here in B.C., I pulled my hands away when he held them after our friendly hug. It is a miracle and a relief that he still cares. I only realized that I have a crush on him after his departure. Especially when I still think about him daily -- 2 months after he had left. Yes, I'm one of those blur-sotong. That "don't realize I am in love" type. Thus I am glad that it is not too late. Fingers crossed!
Today, Thursday 25-Aug-2011, I received another piece of good news. The nursing school decided to introduce an additional intake of students in January 2012. Thus they offered me the option to join the January or May intake. That means I can start 4 months earlier than previously expected. I would call this a miracle, because it seems that an additional intake like this has not happened for several years is unprecedented. [Addendum 26-Mar-2012: Apparently, the Minstry of Advanced Education gave Kwantlen Polytechnic University a once-off funding of $425,000 (click here for an online news article) to run an additional intake of GNIE classes.] After I read the letter, I skipped and hopped around for joy.

I'm glad that Opportunity comes knocking! And not just once, but on 2 consecutive days! ...Albeit in different aspects of life. I hope that all goes well. Fingers crossed.

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