Monday, January 09, 2012

The best-paid political leader in the world

"The best-paid political leader in the world"

The above is Yahoo! Canada's headline for this piece of Singapore news. Read the sub-title on Yahoo! Canada. Enough said.


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  2. Erm, I think you just got spammed, as evident by the Toyota link...


  3. Hi Aisha,

    Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Thanks also for your compliment and bookmarking my blog for revisits. I appreciate your feedback.

    I started this blog back in March-2009 during the final stages of my basic nursing training in Singapore. Around that time, I had also received a letter from the Canadian High Commission informing me that they were ready to process my immigration application submitted back in Nov-2006.

    Back in 2006 when I first planned to emigrate, I was inspired by a fellow Singaporean's blog where he shared his thoughts, feelings and experience of emigration.

    Inspired by Singapore Serf and given the 2 major changes developing in my life, I decided to blog to share my experience. In addition, it is also a way for me to examine my life and to encourage myself to get through life's ups and downs. Some posts in this blog take more time (several hours) than others (a few minutes). This is done as a hobby and sometimes also to de-stress myself.

    Thank you for your support. Cheers!


  4. Hi CK,

    Hahaha! You are so right! I did not click on that link, thought it was a backtrack link. Oh well, nevermind.

    Cheers, WD
    p.s. Thanks for highlighting the spam :-)