Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pride and panties

My Filipino classmates shared a funny saying with me over lunch today.
"Pride is just like panties. Nothing will happen if it doesn't come down."
Initially, I took it to mean that it is desirable that "nothing will happen" (i.e. no rape). Then I thought it was strange that it would be beneficial for pride to not come down. In addition, the tone of voice used by my classmates indicated that they were referring to something undesirable. So I clarified with them.

As it turns out, for the Filipinos, "nothing will happen" refers to no sexual intercourse would take place. That would be an undesirable result as one would want to enjoy the fruits of love. This contrasts with the Chinese concept of proper behaviour, where sex is typically a taboo topic. It was funny how the crux of the joke would have been lost if I had not clarified about the cultural gap.

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