Sunday, July 01, 2012

Mindset of IENs

My 4 most popular posts relate to Canadian nursing boards, IEN (Internationally Educated Nurses) and SEC (Substantially Equivalent Competency assessment).

2 of the recent searches (presumably by IENs) which lead to my blog reveals the range in mindset behind the IENs who land on my blog. I do not know who you are. Nevertheless, here's my 2 cents to you (if you decide to return for another visit) and to those with similar mindset. The 2 searches are:

What do you mean by unjust? 
  • If something specific happened and you feel discriminated against, there is a formal process for appealing to CRNBC. The appeal process is described to you in the letter stating your CRNBC SEC result.
  • If it is because you didn't get your expected result, then please cool down and think. There are others (even with years of UK nursing experience) who did not meet the competencies required. Yet, there are also those who passed and was granted the provisional RN license. (See the next search below.)
IMHO, you will be better off spending your time reviewing how and why you failed. Alternatively you can get more details from the appeal to CRNBC. Then strategize how you can still stay and work in B.C, Canada. E.g. Try the CLPNBC challenge exam. Look, do not confuse a privilege with a right. Do not be like some of my GNIE classmates who passed somewhat (i.e. allowed to do a 1-year re-entry course instead of having to do 4 years of BSNursing all over again) and yet complain repeatedly about the having to do the GNIE training. Future IENs who want to immigrate may not even have an opportunity to attend the GNIE program, who knows?

Learn to do your own SWOT analysis. Eat the humble pie. This will not only help you in returning to nursing, but also in your integration into the Canadian society. Afterall, who wants a nurse who rants about how unjust CRNBC SEC is instead of focusing on the most important thing in nursing -- the safety of our patients?

Congradulations for passing the CRNBC (presumably SEC)! It is wise of you to check to confirm if you're an RN with just passing the SEC. I like your attitude and approach -- you know how to eat the humble pie and check the facts (and not make assumptions or jump to conclusions).

If you have met the SEC competencies required, you will be granted a provisional RN license. Once you receive your provisional RN license, your next step is to arrange for the 250 hours* of B.C. nursing employment. Upon completing the 250 hours, you will need to get your B.C. nursing employer to sign the CRNBC “Canadian Employment Reference for International Applicant for Nurse Registration” (Form 40). [*Update: Since 26-Mar-2013, CRNBC has removed the Canadian Employment Reference requirement.]

Simultaneously, you can also apply and sit for the CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurse Exam).

For details of the above, see steps 6 and 8-11 of the CRNBC "Occupational Fact Sheet for Internationally-educated Nurses". When you have completed both the 250 hours and passed the CRNE, you will be granted the actual RN license.

Good luck!

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