Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

祝你 癸巳年里:身体键康,出入平安,财源广进,万事如意!

Wishing you in the Year of the Water Snake: good health, safe journey, wealth inflow, and wishes fulfilled!

God of Wealth arrives!


  1. '财源广进'
    In 2013, the bull move from 2009 is 4 years old in the secular bear market. This short term bull is low on breath now. There's so much debt in the system that the secular bear will go on for 1-2 more cycles.

    Some free entertainment to save $$ aka 财源广进 so you can fly to nearest voting booth(it seems San Francisco) to fuck pap come GE 2016.

    The Thieves (korean with eng subs)
    I rate it 10/10 for this action comedy.
    The Thieves

    S. Korea is 1 of 4 tiger economies. After watching, is laugable how far sg has lagged behind in terms of creativity. So many twists in the movie.

    Said to be his last action movie due to age but change his mind after good receipts at cinemas.
    Chinese Zodiac

    曹操(周润发), 刘亦菲 in '花瓶' role
    The Assasins

    1. Hi Xianlong,

      Haha, thanks for visiting and your tips.

      Actually South Korea is only marginally better than Singapore. My understanding from my Korean schoolmates is that the middle-class is also very much squeezed there -- and that is why they want their children to grow up in Canada. But at least South Korea have some semblance of labour protection and democracy.

      There are still those in Singapore who bury their heads in the good-news propaganda. A friend of mine just posted a FB message that began with "It is unfortunate that we lost out [our] ability to be grateful and appreciate what our forefathers had done to help build Singapore" because "All I [she] hear these days are how bad the government policies are and a particular do-and-so was to be blamed for all these". Some more rants about complainers focusing on the micro problems without thinking about the big picture for Singapore. Ending with an apocalyptic warning "Really, do not take for granted the peace and order we are enjoying now. It takes year to build and one day to destroy..."

      Yes, words in quote are hers. Her comment received 4 FB Likes (including 1 mutual friend). Oh, this friend is in her mid-30's -- and often complain about her stress at work (at her civil service job), not enough time to rest, how much debts she has, even once complain that the new policies only benefit those married folks but nothing for singles like herself etc; but she does not have enough brain power to link her problems to the social trends influenced by policy issues.

      I would bet that she may be typical of the younger-set of PAP supporters. I wonder, I really wonder -- whither Singapore?

      Cheers, WD.

  2. 祝愿:



    1. Hi Anonymous at Tuesday, February 12, 2013 9:47:00 AM,

      Thanks for visiting and your well-wishes!

      [Think of "eating snake" -- i.e. skiving, hahaha! Hope it will not turn into "drink West-North wind" -- i.e. unemployed, haha!]

      Ok, jokes aside: 我希望 新加坡国泰民安 大家安居乐业 , 新加坡人民对民权与民义的认识会卷土重来。
      [I hope that Singapore will be peaceful and prosperous, everyone will live harmoniously together and be happy at work, and Singapore citizens will have a revived awareness of citizenship rights and responsibilities.]

      Cheers, WD.

  3. The Tower
    If u like Titanic, you'll definitely enjoy the tower.

    Imposter make for a better king. A movie ought to be watched by the ivory tower pappies.

    Being a zhar bor, u'll relate to this movie. Zhar bors in school days like to write autographs in their booklets. In the end is still separate ways & heard nothing of each other......

    Return to Base
    Korean version of Top Gun.

    Space Battleship Yamato
    1st japanese space fiction movie i ever watched. FYI Yamato is a super battleship during WWII which turn out to be a white elephant.

    笑傲江湖 2013 version
    Your chinese & maths is better than me. Don't let it deteriorate while in Canada. 笑傲江湖 is my fav Jin Yong novel. This ought to last u around 1.5 months if u watch 1/day.

    Transformers Prime
    Boys stuff. If u like it. Is hard to find season 1. You can watch Season 2 & 3. Google episodes titles on youtube. List of episodes titles is at

  4. Transformers Prime Predacons Rising Movie
    Movie to end the TFP series. Optimus sacrifice himself to ensure future generations can exist on Cyvertron. Goodbye Optimus.

    Illustrates the highest level of leadership. In Jim Collins book Good to Great, it is level 5. 'Old man' who is wheelchaired into parliament today & then carried onto chair by 3 men is considered level 4.

    G.I Joe Retaliation
    High definition version. Catch it if you don't mind watching again after the cinema(presumably).

    Miracle in Cell No. 7
    Korean movie industry excel in different movie genres as this movie will prove.

    宝莲灯 is a fav chinese mythlogical drama series of mine. Is the last drama series i ever watch on tv back in 2006. Like the costume of Erlang deity a lot. Really brings out the aura. Prequel is even more enjoyable.

    1. Thanks. Agree that 'old man' still has not achieve the highest state of leadership yet. [最高境界]

  5. 警察故事2013 (成龙)
    Police Story 2013
    Very heavily tiong accent throughout. If watching do so asap as video might be 'gone' from youtube.

    2 videos to watch on which i forgot to mentioned previously:
    - Oblivion
    - Olympus Has Fallen

    - 47 Ronins (waiting for HD ver.)
    - Gravity (waiting for HD ver.)
    - Robocop

    天龙八部 2013
    天龙八部 Episode Playlist
    I watch it full screen in 720 HD resolution.

    Is restricted to China region. To get around the restriction, copy & paste the video url into:
    Anonymous Surfing to Mask Your Location

    After 10 years, watch how much progress in China's drama compared to 2003 version. Take the opportunity to read the chinese

    subtitles to maintain your mandarin standard.

    Endure first 5 episodes with those computer generated background imagery making the scenes amateurish. The drama series is

    like latest 笑傲江湖 - very colorful & color rich in terms of costumes. I find the actress playing the roles of A Zhu & A Zi

    (polar personalities) talented.

    Florence Tan reappear along with 3 of her coactors/actress from 倚天屠龙记 2003.

    1 of the 3 protagonists is a korean. Doing this taps into the korean market of 50M. By comparison the pap is really pathetic

    to resort to 7M to boost profits. There's such a big market outside & they only know to suck the natives dry.

    While enjoying the drama, be reminded that Anthony Wong exposed that small fry characters/extras are treated like dirt in

    this industry in China.

    - 32nd Upper & Lower are actually 33th episodes. Uploader name it incorrectly in youtube. Not rectified as of this writing.

  6. Read subtitles continue maintain your standard. As usual watch as soon as is norm movies easily 'disappear' after a while.

    白发魔女传之明月天国 99mins
    Movie shown in cinemas last month & this month available on youtube.

    西游记之大闹天宫 2hrs
    Erlang Shen act blur without breaking rules. Smart way to 'strike'.

    三国演义 Animated Series
    Click on magnifying glass to search for episodes. eg. 01a, 01b, 01c, 02a, 02b......

    Hired a few japanese experts for guidance & to learn from them as the japanese are expert animators. Well done for a chinese production.