Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BC stands for Beautiful Community

In my previous blog entry "The Suay Kuan" ["the unlucky ones"], Xianlong (Frugal Introvert), Gintai and DotSeng all commented about the "big fish will always eat small fish" culture that prevails in Singapore and that anyone who does not toe the line risks being "blacklisted".

As I've replied, my view is that we are society -- each of us, as individuals, contributes a sliver of behaviour that aggregates into "social norms". Each person has to make his/her own choice and live with his/her conscience. There is no right or wrong answer.

Just to share an upcoming donation drive in B.C., Canada, to illustrate the kind of community that I chose to be a part of.

[17-Nov-2013 Poster for Blanket BC drive]

"The BC in Blanket BC actually stands for beautiful community", said Gregory Ould, the founder of Blanket BC.


To quote Brian Hare, an assistant professor of anthropology at Duke University, as interviewed by Discovery.com on 07-Feb-2011:

"The chimpanzees are violent because they want power, they try to have control and power over others while bonobos are using violence to prevent one for from dominating them," Hare continued.

"Humans are both chimps and bonobos in their nature and the question is how can we release more bonobo and less chimp.

"I hope bonobos win… it will be better for everyone," he added.

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