Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mid-career nursing

This is for choaniki, who is considering a mid-career switch to nursing and/or other healthcare-related professions for the purpose of emigration.

The following videos are from CNA (Canadian Nurses Association). Age is generally not an issue when seeking employment in Canada, as long as one is able to meet the demands of the job. E.g. Within the last year, I have personally met 4 other Canadian-trained nurses (RN and/or LPN) aged between 30's to 50's who switched career into nursing. That said, age may affect your chance of emigrating under an "immigration points-system" that factor the age of the applicant into account.

Mid Career Paths in Nursing
Published on Oct 11, 2013

Beginning a Career in Nursing
Published on Oct 11, 2013

Combining Careers
Published on Oct 10, 2013

IMHO, if you have the funds, it may be worth it to do the career conversion training as a foreign student in your targeted host country instead of taking up the Singapore's WDA PCP option. This is because you will face less issues getting your nursing registration when your skills education/training is from the host country. In addition, your time spent as a student in your host country may help you qualify for migration visa options specifically designed for this group.


Lastly a bonus video to show the concept here (in Canada) that nurses advocate not just for the patients under their direct-care but also on general health-related issues/policies. Compare this with another nursing advertisement (from you know where) which emphasize caring and following one's heart in nursing, but says nothing about nurses practising upstream-thinking to address (e.g. socio-economic and political) issues/policies that impact a nation's health.

Registered Nurses: A leading force for change


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