Friday, July 16, 2010

Blind outsourcing = a race to the bottom

Reading Lucky Tan's post, especially the comments, reminded me of the state of my previous industry in Singapore.

Blind outsourcing = a race to the bottom + managers' (i.e. decision makers) unwillingness to take personal responsibility and risks

Unfortunately, the kia-su 怕输 + kia-si 惊死 culture is pervasive in Singapore. IMHO, it is also apparent in the entrenched dominant political party. See spoofs of its PR failures here, here and here. That is why I do not hold high hopes for the future of Singapore.

Of course, as Anonymous at 16/7/10 22:59 commented on Lucky Tan's blog, it does not have to be that way. At least not at the company level, e.g. in the decisions made by HQs based outside of Singapore. Or at the immediate supervisor levels, e.g. I've had bosses who held their stand well [but none were Singaporeans and all have left Singapore].

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