Monday, July 12, 2010

Fast play, slow motion

Have not been posting for awhile. In fact, have not been reading my regular diet of favourite blogs. Not sure what it is, but just felt like switching to printed reading materials for a while and giving my body extra rest-time where possible.

Wanted to write about lots of stuff, but somehow just didn't get through the inertia to do it. A fast-play of some stuff that I wanted to write about...
  • My niece born in May-2010 and her very interesting name. According to my sister (her mommy), it's an original derivation of a famous mathematician's surname.
  • The boy who first presented to me crying in pain with guarded abdomen muscles. A drama king who role-played an exaggerated sensitivity to IV antibiotics, but then grinned widely when I praised him on his dramatic skills. His over-the-top, big farewell wave and loud "bye bye" upon discharge.
  • The cheerful adult female patient with cats named LKY and LHL. Her humour was like sunshine along the now-windowless ward corridor.
  • How we laughed about SSN Y's 7 months of actual workdays a year. Due to a combination of her annual leave quota (from her decades of long service), a weekly double-shift arrangement to get 2 days-off per week, and the 10 days of public holidays per year. She finally got over her aviatophobia (acquired from the days when airplanes rattled while in-flight). Now she is jet-setting with a vengeance.
  • The friendly doctor with a cool pony tail. The first doctor in Singapore that I have met who actually break from the conventional Singaporean male's short-hair cut.
  • We suddenly have 3 new staff in July. A freshly graduated EN A, an SN LZJ with 1 year's experience at a doctor's clinic, and an ex-staff SSN S who re-joined. I had previously blogged about SSN S here. As the ward census are lower this fortnight than usual, this batch of new-comers are luckier than the previous new-comer SN S who joined during our overloaded period. Headcount-wise, we have SN S replacing SN O's headcount, SN LZJ who replaces mine, and EN A who replaces SEN L's. SSN S seems to be an extra headcount, but then other SSNs have already gossiped about their intentions to leave and the NO is also planning for her succession. Well, for now, the understaffing situation [click here and here] is temporary resolved.
On the other hand, things on the immigration front are on slow-motion to me. Still awaiting for assessment results from CRNBC. Meanwhile, even setting-up a Canadian bank account is in slow-motion compared to the Singaporean pace. Better get used to it! :-P


  1. Slow motion is better than packed like sardines in a can anytime, I reckon.

  2. Hi CK,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Ha ha, have to agree with you, slow-mo is definitely better than being sardine-packed. Luckily for me, I don't squeeze with the peak-hour crowd due to my shift work timings for now.

    Still, I can't stand the crowd during weekends... and I'm only in a "suburb" HDB heartland! Thus, unlike most, I am actually happy to work on weekends, just to avoid the crowd. :-P