Saturday, August 14, 2010

Countdown: 10 workdays left

Countdown: 10 workdays left!

Coincidentally, my final days at work coincide with the Singapore 2010 YOG (Youth Olympic Games). The online outrage over the food for YOG volunteers created a storm recently.

In the hospital setting, we have a similar situation. Sometimes we have patients and/or next-of-kin who love the hospital's food. They are aware that the staff can buy meals in-house using staff meal coupons. They remarked that we are very lucky to get the delicious hospital food at such low costs. Then, they looked surprised when we clarified that staff's food is different from the patients' food. Fortunately, the staff's food is not as bad as the YOG volunteers'. In fact, on some days, it is so good that some staff secretly pack some back for home consumption.

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