Saturday, August 28, 2010

Psychic nurse

I contemplated for awhile before writing this entry. The main reason is that this entry touches on a topic that elicits a wide range of responses -- from reverence, to indifference, to ridicule for lunacy. Well, I decided that my usual readers would probably have a grasp of my mental health status, so here goes.


Prologue: Over 4 years ago

A colleague came in to work with a bad neck sprain. He was in pain but refused to see a doctor due to work exigencies.
[Note: Generally, I keep my personal life, especially my psychic practice, apart from my work life. Although there was once when another colleague Google for my name and found an article about my psychic work.]
After struggling at work for a while, my colleague was still noticeably in pain. At which point I offered, "Would you like a healing? It does not involve physical contact, but it's non-orthodox."

After some rounds of hesitant queries and answers, he agreed to let me work on his neck. At the end of the session, he asked, "What are you doing here [Note: i.e. in I.T.] when you can do that?"

To which I shrugged and smiled.


At the start of my nursing training, I decided that I should focus on the nursing tools and skills. After all, as professionals, nurses are advised to practise evidence-based nursing. Thus, I decided to avoid using my psychic skills during the course of my nursing duties. The keyword here is "avoid", because there were times when it slips in. I shall share 2 examples below.

Example 1
There was a girl admitted for chest infection. The initial blood tests indicated only the usual infection markers. Her intake was poor and physical activities reduced as expected of her condition. Subsequently, her CXR showed significant pneumonia, but not something which we have not handled before. Typical of children adjusting to hospitalisation, the patient was refusing her medications and had to be coaxed.

What puzzled me was, while nursing her, I got a strong psychic message from her, "I don't want to live anymore, I want to leave this body." Nevertheless, wearing my "nurse's hat", I continued to give her parents hope and support.

The next day, she had several repeat and additional blood tests. Her latest blood tests indicated a sudden severe turn in her condition and she was transferred to another hospital. We heard from the consulting doctor that she passed away subsequently.

Example 2
It was my second last day at work. A CCU (Critical/Intensive Care Unit) colleague had admitted her son for bronchitis. Being a CCU trained nurse, she preferred to perform nasal suctioning for her son herself and has been doing so during the hospitalisation. Her husband was holding the boy while she suctioned. I happened to pass-by and helped to hold the boy's head. When she was done with a couple of rounds of suctioning, she asked me if her son's nose was clear.

Visually we could see that the boy's outer nares were clear. There was more mucus extracted from the left than the right nostril. I put my ear next to the boy's head to listen closer to his breathing. The boy's breathing still sounded a little blocked but I had no clue as to the left or right nostril [Note: unless the parents allowed me to experiment and closed off one nostril at a time, ha ha]. The mother asked, "Is his nose still blocked? Where?"

As I lifted my head up, I visualised by chance "blocked energy" at the patient's right inner nares. I replied, "Yes, more on the right nostril."

The mother suctioned one more round and there was thick whitish mucus extracted from the right nostril.

p.s. If anyone outside of my circle of close/psychic friends asks me, I shall totally deny the matters written here.

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