Monday, March 07, 2011

Akan datang - Coming soon

Remember the good old days in the movie theaters (in Singapore) where the movie previews are preceded by the "Akan Datang - Coming Soon" message?

It has been 6 weeks after my IEN SEC assessment. Today, I received a response from CRNBC that my file is being assessed and that a letter with instructions on my next steps will be coming soon. Akan datang.

Somehow I feel relieved. At least it means that my assessment file did not get lost in the mail nor meet with some other "minor disaster". OK, so it is back to waiting. Once again, waiting with no firm dates for further news yet.


[Addendum on 15-March-2011]

Still no news yet. I will send another chaser email next week on the 22-March-2011 if still no news by then. Maybe they are overloaded with cases to process? Afterall, the June-2010 12-month quota for 1,000 "Registered Nurses" under the Federal Skilled Worker class of PR immigrants is already maxed out.

[Addendum on 28-March-2011]
In the end, I sent the 2nd chaser email in the wee hours of 25-March-2011 morning, highlighting that I needed an estimate of the expected waiting period so that I could decide on interim employment options. By afternoon, I received the reply.

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