Friday, March 25, 2011

CRNBC IEN SEC assessment result

I have just received the CRNBC letter on its decision based on the IEN SEC assessment. I will have to attend a 1 year full-time nursing re-entry course. [Addendum 03-Aug-2011: See also my initial assessment report from CRNBC here.]

There are lots of things to be done meanwhile to arrange for the course. Will post more as I go along.

I am glad that my Singapore nursing training and experience count for something -- that I do not have to attend a full 3 to 4-year Canadian nursing degree program. I must thank my Singapore nursing teachers for their hard work and support.

[Addendum 03-Aug-2011] Please see my "CRNBC IEN SEC assessment possible outcomes" blog entry if you're looking for the possible results of an IEN SEC assessment.

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