Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not invited nor informed

A couple of weeks ago, a cousin's wife emailed to ask if I would be returning to Singapore to attend my brother's wedding banquet to be held in June. I replied her honestly (since she is a straightforward person) that I did not hear anything about the planned wedding banquet. Perhaps everyone was too busy to inform me?

Until now, I have not received any news from my brother or my siblings regarding the wedding banquet. I do not even know the date. Just today, another cousin (this one is from my paternal side and thus not close to us) asked me the same via FB. I don't think I will reply her. I do not wish to raise any unnecessary family gossip.

I wondered if my pre-departure incident had soured our sibling relationship. It didn't seem to be so, from an earlier email from my brother. But now, I don't know what to think or feel. Just numb.

Maybe I will just email him and his wife my best wishes in my next family email update.


[Addendum 1st June, 2011]

So I emailed my elder sister, who is close to me, to ask about the wedding banquet and what's happening back home*. My sister gave me an immediate reply and the date of the banquet. She expressed her wish that I could return for the wedding banquet, if it is feasible, as we have not taken a family photo with everyone present since a long time ago.
I cannot even be sure when that previous time was. It may have been more than a decade ago. It just so happens that someone or other is always missing or left early or is late for family events. Yes, it would be nice to take a family photo again, especially with the new additions to the family.
Thereafter, I emailed my elder brother and his wife my best wishes. He replied thanking me and that it's "Nice to read your weekly emails & know how well you are doing in Canada". Still no invitation. I guess that's my brother's pragmatic nature -- he probably thinks that it is not worth traveling all the way back just for a wedding dinner.

* Note: I had to ask because for the past 2 weddings in the family (for each of my sisters), my parents were quarreling endlessly over the extended family invitations.

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