Sunday, March 25, 2012


A relative (through marriage), on the maternal side of the family, visited Metro Vancouver recently. She updated me about the happenings, back in Singapore, at my mother's side of the extended family since my maternal uncle's death. None of what I heard surprised me. Since young, I have discerned that despite my mother's blind loyalty to her so-called "perfect" family, her family was (and still is) "多事非" [literary: "many rights and wrongs", i.e. many conflicts of interests]; including manipulating siblings, their offsprings and maids in their games.

It occurred to me that one blessing of migration for me is 耳根清净 [literary: "roots of the ears are quiet and clear", i.e. "peaceful and unaffected"]. Like my dad and my late-paternal grandfather, I only wish to live a simple, contented life.

Contentment, thank you for visiting me once again.


  1. This is worse than office politics. These funny business could last for decades and even generations. That's the kind of thing that makes people stay away from Chinese New Year.

  2. Hi asingaporeanson,

    You're right. I "lost" 1/2 my extended family when my paternal grandfather passed away. It is only now, after almost 2 decades, through the efforts of my younger sister (and also thanks to Facebook) that we cousins are reconnecting again.

    The funny thing is my paternal side of the family is not rich, definitely working class folks. Yet the awful accusations (e.g. that we poisoned my grandfather) was shocking, to say the least. Thank goodness it is water under the bridge now. I also learnt from it that my dad is magnanimous and truly loves his siblings.

  3. p.s. For an example of "funny business" within my family and my mother's side of the family, read the block-quote addendum on 9-Mar-2011 of my earlier post.