Friday, March 16, 2012

Random thoughts on a roller coaster day

Some random thoughts on a roller coaster day (yesterday).


At a queer theatre pre-show.

A refugee said, "The gays are generally more kind (sic)."

I suggested, "Perhaps it is because they have suffered (prejudice) too, and that makes them kinder."

She interjected, "It's not always the case. Some people bully because... (of having been bullied before)"

I interjected, "Yes. We can only try."

She replied, "You're so kind."


At my part-time work and other social occasions, people often ask me, "Look at WD, you're always so happy. How do you do it?"

My usual reply, "I am not always happy. I just don't hang out with people when I'm not happy. Why share your misery? [Doesn't the world already have enough problems?] So I try to be happy."

"You are always smiling. Wish I were even half as happy as you."


If you knew all the tears* that go into building my smiles, would you still envy my life?

[*Note: Click herehere and here for some examples.]

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