Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Eyes wide open on National Day

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I am still keeping my eyes wide open to observe more about Singapore and my host country (Canada) over the next few years.

The Canadian system is far from perfect. Nevertheless, in general, it does not hide its ugliness. IMHO, by acknowledging the existence of problems/imperfections, they have already taken the first step to solving it (and/or managing its impact).

The Singapore system? Well you can read some of the Singapore bloggers posts (click here, here and here) for examples of the 治标不治本 ["solving the symptoms but not resolving the underlying issue"] approach taken by the PAP dominated government.

Still, PAP is only the past and current government of Singapore. PAP is NOT Singapore. Singapore is made up of its potpourri of native citizens, descendants of earlier immigrants-turned-citizens, its new immigrants-turned-citizens, its overseas citizens and not forgetting the 1+ million guests (foreign workers/residents).

Speaking as an overseas citizen, I believe the following Singapore song reflects the tune in many of our hearts.

I Still Love You

I have Singapore-citizen friends insinuating [click here for an example] that I am trying to hurt Singaporeans or even destroy Singapore in my criticisms of the effects of PAP-driven policies. Another Singapore-citizen friend (not illustrated in my blog as yet) even went so far as to suggest that I am in cahoots with some foreign parties/countries so that they would benefit from the issues that I bring up. I am sorry to disappoint her -- I have no hidden agenda; I am just sharing my thoughts as an ordinary Singapore citizen. IMHO, I doubt there would be any country in the world that is so obsessed with a "little red dot" as to throw money into an internet brigade to launch a "Singapore Spring". The only internet brigade, which I am aware of, that deals with Singapore issues is the one launched by PAP.

I have also received criticisms that claim that I "kow-beh kow-bu" [i.e. whine and whine] because I have unrealistic expectations and am clueless of the difficulties of running a country. I admit, I have zero experience in running any country [playing Sim-City or Risk does not count, heheh]. But then, IMHO, I am not unrealistic. If I had wanted a perfect country, a perfect system and a perfect government, I would not have chosen to immigrate to Canada. I tried to find out as much as possible -- the good, the bad and and the ugly -- about Canada before coming over. E.g. Some may not know it, but there used to be a website (created by disgruntled immigrants) that informed potential Canadian immigrants of the perils awaiting them. Thus, I don't think it is fair to accuse me of being unrealistic. Afterall, I have observed the underbelly of Metro Vancouver. E.g. I have been to East Hastings (where the homeless, the prostitutes and the druggies hang-out). I have also been to Commercial Drive (where the arty-farty, the "crazy", the poor, and the beggars hang-out).

In short, it does not matter what anyone wish/choose to believe is my true intention for wanting to share my thoughts. All that matters now, at this very moment, is that I would like to wish every Singapore citizen -- regardless of his/her race, language or religion -- life in a resilient democracy, the experience of justice and equality, and the achievement of happiness, prosperity and progress in his/her life. And for the guests (foreign workers/residents), I hope your sojourn in Singapore is fruitful.

Happy Singapore National Day!


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  1. We positively criticise and point out the flaws of the PAP-driven policies because we still love Singapore. When we stop doing so, it means we have given up on Singapore already.

    1. Your words speak the sentiments in my heart precisely!

      Welcome to Metro Vancouver. Hope you have an awesome time here!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi asingaporeanson,

      Thanks for believing in me.

      Heheh, just a question: Would you still believe in me if I had never switched career to become a nurse, i.e. still remain as an I.T. person in the banking/financial services industry? I mean, I am still the same person, just doing different jobs -- how does my job change my credibility level?

      Cheers, WD.

  3. Yes. If you are an IT girl now, you will be known as Wicked Doll. So we'll know you aren't good but honestly bad.

    All's well now. :)