Friday, August 31, 2012

GNIE: Surprise holiday assignment

At around 10pm on Thursday, I received a text message from IT:
"Hey guys! Have you checked ur email? We have assignment and it's a bonus that will be added directly to our grade! Please pass to our classmates!"
Apparently our next semester's lecturer sent an email to all students on Wednesday at 9:50pm to spring a surprise holiday assignment upon us due at 9am (the start of our first lesson) on the first day of semester 3. There is no penalty if we did not do the assignment, but we may get a maximum of 2 bonus points (to be added to our final grade) if we do it correctly.

I am happy that IT added "Please pass to our classmates!" in his text message. Previously, IT would have either just did his own share or told a few of the Filipinos close to him. [Note: I count as a "Filipino".] IT is hardworking and smart. IMHO, he would have survived (and even do well) independently anyway. The fact that IT now looks beyond himself and his in-group shows that he has progressed to turning the wheel of teamwork proactively. He understands the win-win* benefits of teamwork and friendly-competition. [*Note: IT is one of the 4 selected to do Practicum in a Surgery unit.]

I emailed everyone in my sub-group (including WA who is now "adopted" by us) about the surprise assignment. Hopefully everyone gets round to doing the quick-and-simple assignment and earns some bonus points.


  1. Good to know bonus points are earned this way, not the sexy sexy way like some Not Unusually Satki place.

    1. Haha :-D But then I would assume "innocent until proven guilty" holds for that Not Unusually Satki incident. Even for the brave 1st fella who spilled the No King Farted dirt, he was not guilty of fabrications yet kenna ordered to pay that Durian compensation. IMHO, that seems like a scary shitty system.

      Btw, IT has always been on-the-ball one, so he is always the one who ended up getting the bonus points. Respect is where respect is due. I don't like it when people generalize that Filipinos are lazy. From observing my classmates, many are "secretly" hardworking and competitive, just that they try not to show it when in a group.

    2. Paiseh, I typed the above as I rushed off for holiday.

      When I wrote "when people generalize that Filipinos are lazy", what I meant were situations where people say, "Oh, the Filipinos are a lazy bunch!" as a statement of FACT without qualifying that their comments is a generalization (e.g. perhaps based on their subjective observation of a few specimens). If truth be told, I have heard the same spoken of various ethnic/nationality groups, i.e. replace Filipinos with Singaporeans, Malaysians, Malays, ang-moh, Canadians, etc.

      Ok, I understand that people do generalize, but IMHO I think that they should always qualify that they are generalizing, so that it will remind them not to be prejudiced against an individual.

  2. Congratulations to you and your sub-group, Winking Doll!

    Honestly, I don't exactly know how it really feels (I was a student too long ago lah!), but I somehow believe I can feel the excitement and delight — so I'm going along with the jubilation! :-)