Thursday, November 29, 2012

GNIE: Oops, she did it again!

Remember LPN X and her student nurse? On Wednesday, my preceptor and me were once again paired with them. Once again they were assigned to the earlier lunch break. At around 12 noon (around 15 minutes after the lunch trays arrived), LPN X and her student nurse popped by my room as I was feeding my patient. LPN X went, "So WD, where is HH*? Anyway, we're going for lunch." [*RN HH is my preceptor.] 

I wasn't about to let them go so easily. These 2 didn't even bother to hand over their patients properly. "How are your patients?"

"Oh, they are all ok," said LPN X and they started to walk away out of the room.

"Are they all set-up for lunch?" I persisted.

"Nope" was the reply as they walked away, expecting me to do their job!

I went after them (still holding my patient's food and spoon), "PLEASE set them up for lunch before you go! I have to feed my patient."

They turned, saw my look and then continued to walk away quietly. I know they heard me, so I returned back to my patient. A few moments later, LPN X and her student passed by my patient's room again, saying "All our patients are set-up for lunch. We're going for lunch now."

This is how things work with some folks. If you don't stand your ground, they will walk all over you. If you stand your ground and point out their "faults", these folks will be careful not to step on your toes.