Monday, December 03, 2012

Sleep camel

This is the final week of my GNIE training, since I have finished my preceptorship ahead of schedule. I have an exam on Tuesday, and then I am done.

Looking back at my sleep pattern for the past year, I realize that I am quite a sleep camel. [Click here or here for description.] According to the Word Spy website, quoting "News" from The Guardian (London):
"Sleep Camels are ultra-workaholics who go for days without resting, then power-sleep or power-nap for most of the weekend in an attempt to store up energy for the week ahead."
Yup, that sounds like me alright. My good friend and classmate AP recognizes this so well in me. Some days, she would just ask me seemingly out-of-the-blue, "WD, what time did you sleep last night?"

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