Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013 to all my blog visitors!

This Metro Vancouver winter is the warmest since I landed in Canada back in autumn 2010. There was only one morning of significant snow. [See photo and video below. The white blobs/dashes that you see across the screen is the falling snow, blown by the wind.] For most of the days with snowfall, the snow melted soon after it fell, so it wasn't really a white Christmas this year.

Bus interchange was actually cleared of snow earlier, 
but the snow returned to blanket the place in white.

That's good for me too, since I have had enough fun with snow for the past 2 winters. Now I am beginning to feel cons of snowfall. E.g. Walking on slippery icy/snowy pavements. E.g. Waiting for the bus in the cold and dry air.

That said, winter in Metro Vancouver is mostly rainy. If you can get used to the rain in Singapore, the rain here is typically 丝丝水 [fine drops of water] in comparison.

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