Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Products of society

A Canadian friend wrote on his Facebook wall,
Suddenly remembering what my Sociology Prof said years ago on our 1st day: "You are all products of your society..."
I commented,
Fortunately or unfortunately, I failed the "product quality assurance checks" by my society (Singapore), and thus landed up in Canada. :-P
My Canadian friend FB "Like" my comment.

p.s. I don't think I want to be a "quality" product of the "uniquely Singapore" society. Click here, here and here to see why.


[Addendum on 01-Feb-2013]

Another friend (Iranian-origin, now residing in B.C., Canada) of my Canadian friend commented,
On the contrary, I think it is our society that is our product
My Canadian friend FB "Like" his comment.

IMHO, it is true too. The individuals/people form the society and also voted for the politicians who make the laws, which in turn creates societal norms which mould people's attitudes. That said, the implication of what it says about the typical Singaporean is pretty sad.


  1. Hi WD,

    IMHO, you (and I) failed the PAP's "product quality assurance checks". ;)


    1. Hi Oblivious,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

      Hahah, that makes 2 of us. I would count CK and some of my other regular readers too!

      You are right in pointing out that the current Singapore's "product quality assurance check" is set by PAP. I hope for the sustainability of Singapore that PAP will lose their mandate to set such ridiculous "product quality assurance check" soon.

      Cheers, WD.

    2. Me too, I hope that PAP will lose their mandate. It is appalling that just days after PAP lost the by-election, they announced that they want to increase Singapore's population to 6.9M in 2030. Instead of trying to find ways to gain back the trust and hence the votes of the people, they decided instead to find a quick fix through immigration, hoping that these new immigrants would vote for them because PAP welcome them with open arms! What a short sighted and selfish bunch!!! They are doing everything they can to maintain power, at the expense of Singaporeans. I hope that they continue to do such short-sighted actions so that their votes would be decreased significantly, before they drag the whole Singapore down.