Monday, March 11, 2013

GNIE: CRNE results coming soon

I received a message from my GNIE classmate RS, 
"Expect your result in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday. I came from crmbc and saw the envelops mailed out. Best of luck to all of us."
Yeah! Have been looking forward to receiving the result. There is a chance that I may not pass, the CRNE was way tougher than the CNA Prep Guide made it out to be. After the exam, I found out from my GNIE classmates that I got many questions wrong!

Still I just want to know if I had passed or otherwise. It is one of the psychological barriers holding me back from being confident about applying for RN (Registered Nurse) jobs at the moment. If I pass, then it's time to carry out the next step of my plan. Otherwise, it's time to seriously put my nose to the grindstone of my nursing books this time. To be honest, I admit that I did not revise well for the first attempt, so I won't feel sorry for myself if I did not make it.


  1. "After the exam, I found out from my GNIE classmates that I got many questions wrong!"

    Why couldn't it be that they were wrong instead?

    1. Because, CK, the ones I chatted with are the hardworking study-in-detail type of Filipinos. Not the blur-sotong "fly by the seat of their pants" type.

    2. Even then, they could still be wrong. :)

      Personally, I've found that the best person to know how well I did after a paper is *drum roll* myself.

      Because when you are doing the paper you'll know when you definitely got the question right, when you got it wrong, and then trust your instincts on those questions which you're not sure if you're right or wrong.

      Good luck!

    3. BIG THANKS, CK, for your encouragement!

      I PASSED! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I just received the CRNBC letter in the mailbox this afternoon. YAY! [*Jumping around for joy and kissing my CRNE letter*]

    4. Singapore trained nurses don't fail exams one. ;)

      You were meant to be a nurse and help people. :)

      Go celebrate! You deserve it!