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GNIE: CRNE Results

I think that some readers may like to know the performance of Kwantlen's GNIE graduates when it comes to the all important "every Canadian Registered Nurse must pass" CRNE (excluding Quebec which has its own RN exam). I am happy to report the statistics for my GNIE cohort.

[Update 15-Mar-2013 02:15] But first, a RETRACTION, DECLARATION AND DISCLAIMER: Please note that correlation does not equate causation. I apologize that I had previously used the words "value-add" and "R.O.I." on a whim. Please note that I do not have any proof of causation. Given such consideration, I retract my use of the above words with regards to this situation. The following is my personal opinion. I am not an Admissions Officer or in any way qualified to give "CRNE candidates advice" and thus any content from me shall be construed as a sharing of personal opinion, not advice. I do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided by me. Under no circumstances will I or anyone related to this content be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any reliance on the information or other content posted or linked by me.

Let's start with statistics from the Canadian Nurses Association. Based on the June 2012 CRNE Bulletin, the passing rate for the "first CRNE attempt" by Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) range from 46.34% to 56.26% in 2011. 
[Aside: The "2011 CRNE results" analysis is the most recent statistic available at the moment. When we saw those statistics while we were revising for the CRNE, many of us were really worried.]

And now for the statistics from my GNIE cohort of 30* who attempted the CRNE for our first time. As at the end-of-day on 19-Mar-2013 15-Mar-2013 14-Mar-2013:
  • Passed: 26 = 86.66% 25 = 83.33% 22 = 73.33%
  • Failed: 4 = 13.33%
  • Awaiting results: 0 = 0% 1 = 3.33% 4 = 13.33%
Given the above passing rate (86.66% 83.33% around 70% for GNIE-trained IENs compared to the 2011's data of around 50% for IENs in general), I would say that the CRNE results amongst my cohort of GNIE graduates seems pretty good. [Update on 19-Mar-2013] In fact, we have reached the passing rates of the Canadian-educated nurses.

I spoke with one of my classmates who failed. He is taking it well. As per his sharing on his circumstances, he did not finish about 20 questions which is a significant 10% of the paper (i.e. 200 questions in total). He explained that he took a toilet break during the exam which costed him much time. Suggestions for future CRNE candidates to note: time management and bladder/bowel control.

[Update on 15-Mar-2013] Still waiting for the final person's result.
We are hoping for the best for the 4 who are still waiting for their results. I have confidence in some of them, especially IT who is my "academic twin" (because we kept getting the same grades during the 1st two GNIE semesters).

[Update on 19-Mar-2013] A note to those who took their exams in B.C. : According to an announcement made by an invigilator at the CRNE exam hall, everyone should get his/her result within 6 weeks after the exam. Those who have not received their 06-Feb-2013 CRNE results by the end of today (Tuesday 19-Mar-2013) should check with CRNBC.


*Note: We started off with 35 GNIE students.
Thus, there were 30 of us who had our first attempt at the CRNE on 06-Feb-2013.

[Addendum on 14-Jul-2013: Please click here for the 2nd-cut update.]

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