Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Horse Year! 马到功成!

I've been so busy with work, relocating to DD's home, wedding/elopement plans, related personal/contact information updates, 2014 volunteer and career plans that I didn't have time to update the blog and/or plan group/fun-activities. Thank goodness for friends, e.g. ZS and JX who organized a Chinese New Year (CNY) gathering at their place.

Had Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve reunion dinner 团圆饭 with DD earlier in the night. I had to explain to him how the Chinese Lunar New Year for the ethnic Chinese is akin to Christmas for the Christians and North Americans.

Anyway, given my busy schedule, I did not have time to prepare any CNY food and in my haste I did not buy any prepared food from the T&T supermarket on my way home. Thus we had to adapt with whatever we have for "auspicious foods" -- we ate a large gold coin 金币, growing wealth 生财, and gold surplus 金余。 Can you guess the food items that we ate?

[30-Jan-2014, 年年有余 ]

Yes, we ate a pizza (the yummy Dr. Oetker thin-crust spinach pizza) which looks like a large gold coin 金币, western-style salad 生菜 [raw vegetables -- homonym with "growing wealth" 生财], and Goldfish crackers for 年年有(金)余/鱼 [fish -- homonym with "surplus"]. 

That's adaptation, I guess. I suddenly remember a book that I read as a teen -- "East Wind, West Wind" by Pearl S. Buck.

Wishing my readers: 
出入平安, [Exit and enter in peace and safety]
身体健康, [Good health]
龙马精神, [Vitality]
马到功成, [Horse's arrival brings success]
年年有余! [Have yearly surplus]

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