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When I informed my friends that I was getting married, several friends remarked, "It's your destiny to be in Canada."

My friends meant well, of course. Destiny is an interesting concept indeed.


Almost 20 years ago (mid 1990's), I had a simple fortune telling session in Hong Kong. I was told that my life had been and would be pretty tough, until I hit middle-age.

Then around 10 years ago (mid 2000's), I got around to learning about psychic practice, similar to those practised at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. For a while, I dappled in the paranormal. [Aside: In supporting an associate's paranormal business, I was interviewed by an expat-magazine and had my "15-sec of fame" on TV in Singapore.]

In 2006 after a traumatic event, I decided to change my name for better luck. Fortunately, I talked with a Feng Shui master friend of mine. He advised me to keep my original name as it is a lucky name. I asked him about the Hong Kong fortune teller's reading. His reply was, "You practice meditation and you know how to do paranormal stuff. So you know very well that you can modify your future."


Around 7 years ago, just before I start my nursing training in Singapore, a friend did a BaZi [生辰八字] and related Chinese fortune-telling calculations for me. She said, "Your life will be tough until age 52."

So I asked, "When can I change my career successfully?"

She replied, "Age 52."

"But I am already going into nursing..."

Friend replied, "Then you will change your career again at 52."

I asked, "Oh, I see. I'm not surprised, I have too many interests that I would like to pursue. How about migrating out of Singapore?"

She replied, "52."

"Getting married?"


I mused, "So everything also must wait until 52?"

Friend replied, "Yes, 52 is a turning point in your life. Oh, by the way, try not to drive before that age. You're very accident prone."


My friend is right about the accident prone bit. E.g. I had a lucky escape from death last June (2013).

[18-Jun-2013, Richmond, B.C., Canada]

I was strolling slowly along a pedestrian walkway while deep in thoughts. I was heading towards the traffic crossing seen in the photo above. I mentally berated myself for missing the "CROSS" signal ("white man walking" light) by a few metres, and then returned to my thoughts. 

Suddenly, I heard a series of loud bangs. I looked around and saw a badly damaged white car spinning in the middle of the road junction. Apparently, another car had hit the white car so badly that it (the white car) spun round-and-round, past the pedestrian crossing to hit other cars waiting at the red light. As you can see from the photo above, the impact was so great that one of the cars swung 180-degrees (i.e. the one with the tire on its hatchback). Imagine if I had walked fast enough to be crossing the road at that instance (where the 2 persons were standing on the road in the photo above) -- habis! [i.e. Finished!]

It's not my first brush with Death. E.g. My 2009 pneumonia episode. I guess Destiny wanted me to stay alive.


Last summer (August 2013), a psychic I met told me that someone had deliberately cast a hex on me. Indeed I was having such a bad time at work back then that I sometimes secretly wished that I was the palliative one, not my youthful client(s). You see, I was not afraid of death, but the pain/torture that sometimes came with being alive. [Aside: I hope that when Death eventually visits, he would deliver me swiftly.]

Anyway, long story short. 破财消灾。 [Pay the price to ward-off disaster.] After all, I had not been meditating consistently for a long time so I knew that I needed help to deal with this biggie. I know some would call me silly for "wasting money on superstitious stuff". But if you've walked in the shoes of my rather curious life, you may have second thoughts.


So the tally.
  • Changed career - checked. I'm not making tons of money, or even regular income, but I'll live.
  • Emigrating from Singapore - checked. Still adjusting to my host country.
  • Get married - checked. Still happily married, still in the honeymoon phase.
  • Accident prone - checked. Lucky to be alive.
[08-Mar-2014, Husband-brand Happy Brunch]

Have I changed my destiny or otherwise? I don't know. When I told DD about the "52" fortune, he puts it as, "You've just shifted your destiny earlier by X years."

[Note: DD is a skeptic, but he has learned to humour me and not criticize my beliefs. Such is love that moves a man.]


Just sharing my story. May it bring hope to those who are trying to change their destiny.

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