Saturday, March 15, 2014

So long & thanks for all the fish

I have not been blogging much, mainly because every time I thought of something to write about, I would be distracted by Life. Then a few days would pass and I would re-think about the topic and conclude, "Nah, it would be so mundane to others."

[06-Feb-2014, A flock of birds flying overhead in Richmond]

E.g. Who would be interested about watching flocks of birds? Or kids dancing, mimicking the life-size XBox display at a shopping mall? Or the mesmerizing snow flakes falling? Or watching the fog as it creeps in and as it rises? Or the excitement of seeing buds in trees heralding the arrival of Spring? Or of gangs in Metro Vancouver? Or thoughts inspired by seeing a bird eating a road-kill rat? And for all of these, nothing beats being there to experience it for oneself.

Anyway, I started this blog 5 years ago. At that time, I was about to enter nursing in Singapore professionally, and I knew that I would have to make a decision about emigration soon. Thus, I started the blog as a coping mechanism to "let-off steam" and to have a record to remind myself that life has its ups and downs. 5 years on, I've:
  • changed country of residence,  
  • changed jobs, and re-entered nursing in a new country, and 
  • changed my marital status. 
IMHO, that is a lot of changes. I have shared some of my journey/challenges/excitement because I thought that others on similar paths may benefit/learn from my experience. [FYI: Here's my inspiration.] Indeed, from the blog search statistics, readers land on my blog while seeking information about:
While my life journey continues, I would recommend those who are searching on any of the above topics to go online to search for the most current information directly from the source. E.g. Singapore's WDA website, CRNBC website, Canadian universities' websites, and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, etc. After all, policies change -- sometimes surprisingly (click herehere and here) and/or suddenly (click here, here and here).

[06-Feb-2013, A Canadian RN at last, 
3+ years after the initial 16-Nov-2009 IEN application]

As for those looking for overseas Singaporeans' views on life/events in Singapore and life overseas, there are plenty of other bloggers who write well. Please feel free to check out some of the blogs listed on the right column. Besides, whatever that needs to be said has been spoken of repeatedly by many bloggers. If one still does not wake up, then I guess this individual needs his/her "Aha!" moment for a paradigm shift. IMHO, it might take 1 to 3 generations, but the writing is on the wall for Singapore's future. Click here, herehere, herehere and here. [Note: I sincerely hope that I am wrong, for I am the only one in my family who emigrated.]

Besides, this blog was also meant for me to let-off some steam anonymously. But as we all know -- there is no such thing as true anonymity when one starts to share details from one's personal life online, especially as one's social circle expands. [See also here.] I stand by what I wrote, my feelings/opinions are true at the time I wrote my blog entries. That said, I would prefer if people take time to get to know me face-to-face, rather than knowing so much about me when I hardly know anything about them.

To those who ask, "Are you Winking Doll? I read so much (about you & your life) from your blog": Thanks for asking, Winking Doll is my online persona, there's lots about me that I do not share online. I hope we'll get to know one another slowly over time -- i.e. let relationships develop/die organically.

I am not hanging up my online pen instantly or forever. For one, I still want to get around to sharing about my emigration planning process as discussed with ASingaporeanSon previously on our occasional Facebook chat. I think it may give hope to those who think that they are stuck on a little red dot because they don't have paper qualifications, money and/or connections. For another, I will still lurk around online to comment on various blogs, and maybe write once in a blue moon. And I want to share one more post on my thoughts on destiny before I go.

Otherwise, life is calling. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
-- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


  1. And I just discovered your blog! (I was reading up blogs by Malaysians and Singaporeans who made the switch to Oz and Canada.)

    Anyway, congrats on getting married. Love your first paragraph on this post, my sentiments exactly :D

    Maybe we will cross paths in the future. I'm planning to leave Malaysia as well, but right now still undecided which country I should try. You know, I think Malaysian govt is equally is not more horribly screwed up as Sg govt...

    Personally I've spent a few months in the UK as a student, and a couple of few months stint in Colorado for work (spring and winter), but I kind of find Australia and Canada more intriguing. We'll see...

  2. Hi WD!

    So glad to find your blog; I am a Singaporean who's accompanying my husband here on work and I have only met one other Singaporean here. There are just so few Singaporeans here (or perhaps it's me being too home-bound) and reading your blog makes me feel better. Of course, that with your interesting content too. :)

  3. Hi RealGunners and Unknown,

    Thanks for visiting and all the best on your journeys/lives away from your respective countries of origin.

    Cheers, WD.

  4. You should never close a door. Especially if it allows you to connect with a deeper dimension of yourself. You blog essentially for yourself. So why set walls and boundaries? To me it does not make sense at all to demarcate life in terms of beginnings and ends. My hope is that you will reconsider.

    I am Darkness 2016

    I do not understand why people put up walls unnecessarily, when there is so much to share.

    1. Hi Farmer Wawa, aka Darkness 2016,

      Thank you very much for visiting and your kind words of encouragement.

      I am now a busy & tired-out (middle-aged) parent of a young toddler, trying my best to juggle and cope with the demands of my current life. Facing a limit of time and energy, something(s) has(have) to drop... blogging and my volunteer work with a registered local (Canadian) charity were amongst the early casualties.

      Besides, I have already blogged about (IMHO) the most challenging initial part of my migration process -- the leap of faith into the unknown and my early years. For prospective migrants, my story here is but an outdated story of yet another migrant.

      As for Singapore-related stuff, it is now 6+ years since I have left Singapore soil, I have not visited since my departure back in end-2010. I have been struck off the Singapore Elections Registrar, and (I agree) rightfully so as my life is here in Canada now. My only connections to SG is my family who remains in the country and a few loose ends (to be tied-up eventually).

      IMHO, I am not putting up walls per se, but busy building bridges and various communities here locally (in Canada). E.g. Organizing play-dates (groups) that would be beneficial to my child's development. That is, I am directing my limited energy into what matters most to me, my current reality of life in Canada.

      Thank you very much once again for visiting and sharing your comments. I am honoured to have such a well-known online personality visit my humble blog.