Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy day

My team started with 11 patients this morning, including 2 that were just admitted with interventions to follow-up. There were 2 discharges. Then there was another admission by mid-morning. At around 12pm, 1 patient upgraded to a double-room and was moved to the other team, while I continued to manage his medication. Then, there was another admission which discharged at-own-risk subsequently.

The ward manager (NO) was in-charge. SSN Y and I were taking the teams near and far from the nursing station respectively. Initially SSN F from the adjoining ward helped as runner. She helped to empty a colostomy bag on my side. Then SSN Y got her help with her team's medications while SSN Y cover as in-charge, because the NO was busy in her office. After that, SSN F was re-deployed to the adjoining ward, which was opened to accommodate new admissions because my ward was full. On my side, the runner was HCA K was great with the HCA duties, but cannot help with EN level work and does not do admissions. On SSN Y's side, the runner was SEN S who is still not quite familiar with my ward.

Needless to say, I had a busy day. 2 morning medications leftover from the night shift (excluding the new admissions), 7 IV medications (including 2 discharges which needed IV antibiotics and removal of IV drip before discharge), 1 IV helplock, 4 patient education on medications, 1 new admission done by me, 2 IV cannulations. This is on top of following the doctors' rounds, pharmacy orders for top-ups and non-ward-stock items, answering call bells, assisting patients, 3 cases with nebulization, and medications for all. Would not have been so bad, if not marred at the end by the AOR discharge. In the end, I completed all my paperwork and billings, and left at 5pm! Thankfully, I managed to have a 15 minutes lunch break in-between.

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