Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reducing your child's fear

Had a good day today. SN L was in-charge, SEN L and I taking teams near and far from the nursing station respectively. SEN IV the runner for both teams. My team started with 5 patients, including a new admission done by the morning staff with the investigations, medications and IV cannulation outstanding. Admitted 1 more case later in the afternoon. Thus, I ended with a total of 6 cases. With some help from my runner SEN IV (who did the 2nd admission) and the in-charge SN L, I had time for dinner and toilet breaks, completed all work items and taped my hand-over report. I even wrote out some pharmacy "please supply" slips for the next morning's staff, so that she will know which items need re-supply. At the end of our shift, SN L, SEN IV and I left on-time and walked to our bus-stops together.

Fortunately for me, both new admissions today were not fearful of hospitalization. Neither the 3 years-old boy nor the 7 years-old girl cried during IV cannulations. Emla cream takes away the pain but not the fear. [Some of the children cry, mainly due to fear.] Both took their medications in their stride, even the yucky Klacid syrup antibiotics. My colleague SN L remarked that the parents of both children are rather calm about their hospitalization, and somehow that influenced their children. I agreed.

This reminds me of a GE case we had recently.

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