Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Great work colleagues

I had a relatively good workday today despite the hectic workload. Took the team near the nurses' counter. Started with 7 patients, then 2 admissions and 1 discharge during my shift. 2 more new admissions at the end of the shift.

I attribute my "good workday" to my great work colleagues. SN L was in-charge, SN O was taking the other team, SEN S (from the adjoining ward) was assigned to be my runner and SEN MY was the runner for SN O. SEN L from the morning shift handed over several outstanding items to be followed-up. I admitted one of the new patients. SN L, SN O and SEN S helped me with the admissions-related work, 1 discharge, some doctors' rounds and IV insertion. Thus, I managed to finished the work on time, taped the handover report and had dinner while the night shift staff were taking report.

SN L is amazing. She stays calm, polite and supportive despite her heavy workload. I hope that she will go far in her career. SN O has good skills, is a careful and observant nurse. In addition, she is supportive of others where possible. She was from the same course as mine, 2 batches before me. I really love working with these 2 professionals. SEN S is a stark contrast with SEN MY. She automatically answers call-bells regardless of whichever team the patient was from. In addition, she shows initiative in admitting a new patient and offers to assist me with my 4 nebulization (although I did not need her help with that today). To top it all, she did all her work in good spirit without complaining.

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