Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween Dinner

Went for dinner on the 31-October with my bunch of psychic friends.

Since it was Halloween, MC was in lighted devil's horns. LK was supposed to be in devil's horns too, but she forgot to bring hers along. I was dressed in black with a matching witch's hat. I even carried my handbag that had a cat on its front panel. When we met, I remarked to MC that my life is so boring that I needed to dress-up for some excitement. JC was so impressed that he asked if it was my regular clothes or I had bought them just for Halloween. Actually, other than the witch's hat, which cost SG$3.95 from the supermarket, everything else was put together from my existing wardrobe.

Both the guys JC and TSC had updates on their love-life to share. It was fun watching MC, the devil, grilling TSC, the goody-guy, with questions to coax out details of his love-life.

Over dinner, we learnt that when it comes to love, both MC and I are the straight-forward "yes or no" type. The other 3 tend towards the "test-test water" type.

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