Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My first sick day on MC

Recently, I had my first sick day from work, on MC (medical certificate). My low work morale may have affected my health.

Have been sniffing since last Saturday after a paediatric GE patient coughed into my face. I was without a mask then as I was preparing to return the child back to her parents after IV cannulation. Maybe the child had more than just GE.

Anyway, I got worse on Monday night when my nose was running so much that it was simultaneously blocked. Obviously, I couldn't sleep. I was beginning to get worried given my pneumonia experience [click here and here].

Thought I could get better after getting some sunshine while running errands that morning. Finally, I gave up around 12 noon and consulted a GP near my home. Thereafter I called the admin staff about my emergency MC (see below). Luckily, I did so because I was knocked-out for the whole afternoon in my bed, despite the non-drowsy prescription.


When I called the admin staff at 12+ pm, she told me that it was a super busy day at the ward with lots of adult patients spilled-over. None of morning staff have had time for any break. She tugged at my emotional heartstrings saying that they needed SN's to take team, and asked if I could still get to work. After she confirmed that I had an actual medical certificate from a GP, she said that she will inform the ward manager.


  1. that's harassment to me....our practice is that if one's reasons asked why...

  2. Yes, it is harassment. The lack of workers' protection in Singapore results in such harassment being commonplace. From my 10+ years of work life, only 1 foreign MNC company officially accepts the "call-in-sick, no questions asked" approach. There were several foreign bosses (usually non-Asian) who also accept this at their own discretion. I have never personally met a Singaporean boss with guts to practise such a progressive approach.

    Encroachment into personal life is also commonly practised in Singapore. E.g. Interview questions such as "Are you planning to get married/have-children?". Click here for another example that happened today.