Saturday, May 12, 2012

Age 40's, looks 20's

I was about to write something about my dates in Canada. Then I thought that I had to write a little preface to explain my situation. So this is the preface.

I am in my 40's. However, if you don't know me and have not heard of my stories, you probably would not have guessed my chronological age when you meet me in person. Amongst the people I have met in Canada, they* (see below) have guessed my age from mid-20's to early-30's, often starting with the 20's. Usually by the time I suggest that they guess a bigger number than early-30's, their eyes would open wide and their jaws would hang slack, saying, "You're joking!?!"

I put my blessing down to good genes, never smoked (except as in the slang for "sprouting bullshit" in exams, haha), am an occasional social drinker (but not to the drunk stage), take actions to remove myself from extreme stress, having a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (since my late 20's), and avoiding weight swings (I can still fit into clothes tailor-made in my mid-20's). Some of the esoteric stuff I've done include practising Yoga Headstand occasionally, meditation, and psychic healing (including channeling of energy within oneself). I think the esoteric stuff helps too.

Yoga headstand at a Singapore Community Centre
Yup, that's me, albeit 10 years ago!

IMHO, I am not ugly, nor am I a model-style beauty. I think have my own beauty, similar to many other women that I have observed. Sometimes I receive double-takes and/or compliments from strangers passing-by while in Metro Vancouver.
The 1st time a boy hit on me was when I was 12 and sitting dazed in my primary school classroom. [Note: I don't know why but in my teens, there have been several occasions where my soul seem to leave my body, and I become totally oblivious to my surroundings, while remaining physically in the same position.] After a while, I suddenly snapped out of my dazed state. I had no idea what happened, other than finding my male classmate (also 12) kneeling in front of me, his face only a few centimetres from mine, staring at my face strangely. It was only from the resultant teasing that I gathered that my male classmate saw me "daydreaming", knelt down in front of me and started stroking my cheek. Honestly, I wasn't into BGR then, so I wasn't the least bit bothered by the matter, other than I did not like how one jealous female classmate kept raising the incident repeatedly.
Oops, I've side-tracked. *Now back to the people guessing my age in Canada. These are from various age groups, from teens to elderly retirees, both male and female, from various ethnicity - Europeans, Latinos, Middle Easterners, South Asians, East Asians, South-East Asians, Africans, Americans and Canadians (white, yellow, brown, and black). Not one have guessed my age correctly or anywhere close to it on their 1st 3 attempts.

As a side effect, I have been hit on by men from their 20's to 60's while here in Canada. And I have dated men from both ends of that age range.


  1. "there have been several occasions where my soul seem to leave my body, and I become totally oblivious to my surroundings, while remaining physically in the same position"

    That sounds like a petit mal seizure.


  3. OMG! Thanks for the link. The description really sounds like me when I get those "absence attacks".

    Btw, my GNIE classmates now joke that I have narcolepsy. I am not surprised if they are right.

    1. Hi CK,

      I just found this from the internet. I think the description sounds more like me. "At the same time as the absence, the eyelids or eyeballs may quickly roll or, more usually, jerk backwards and upwards so that the white part of the eyes is seen."

      "It is also likely that the epilepsy will continue throughout childhood and into adult life. Fortunately, most children with this type of epilepsy will have no learning difficulties or behaviour problems."

      The last I know, a few GNIE classmates told me that they saw my eyeballs rolled up when I "dozed off" in class. Hmm, not a good sign. That said, it is true the I don't have associated learning difficulties (I believe my mild dyslexia is unrelated) or behaviour problems.

      Cheers, WD.

    2. Just an update. I asked AP who saw me struggling to stay alert in class and observed my eyeballs rolling up several times. She said that she does not think that I have EMA/epilepsy. I think I will leave that matter aside for now. Guess it is ok, since I am highly functional. :-)

      Cheers, WD.

  4. So what kind of guys do you like? :)

  5. Hi theblankbox,

    Thanks for visiting and your question. To be honest, I am figuring out the answers along the way, learning through each date.

    Meanwhile, you can check out my other blog entry below for the mandatory basic requirements that I've thought through.

    Cheers, WD.