Thursday, May 03, 2012

Dating 100 toads

Since I have lots of time over my vacation, I had time to reflect on my love life. Over the course of my life, my love life is more a series of "not happening" and mis-steps than actual events. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I counted the number of guys I've dated (i.e. specifically hanging out with a guy or a double-date, excludes group dating events such as those by SDU). I cannot be quite sure, but I think the number to-date is [approximately] only 25!!! Looking at my past relationships, it occurred to me that I had spent more of my love life pining over long-distance romances (I've had 2, eerrm, not sure if the 3rd one counts), than actually being together with the one I love. Oops!

Time for a new strategy. I think I have to get out and date more -- like the figurative salesman who makes 100 cold calls to get 3 potential sales, and 1 final closed deal. So, 75 more toads, here I go. Hopefully I'd meet my "frog prince" along the way, haha!

In the meantime, I think the song below captures my sentiments precisely. As the lyrics explains,  love is not so simple [沒那麼簡單], everyone has his/her own temperament [每个人有他的脾气], and after awhile one gets used to being on one's own -- don't have to worry about anyone and don't have to adjust to another person's life.

黃小虎 - 沒那麼簡單
[Singer Huang Xiaohu - "Not so simple"]

p.s. I must state that approximately 90% of the approximately 25 guys that I've dated in the past are nice fellas. It's just that not every nice person will be a good match in coupledom, no matter how hard both sides try.

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