Friday, May 25, 2012

Sun, field, space - freedom and peace

Just wanted to share this beautiful spring day in Metro Vancouver.

The field in B.C. above reminded me of 
Van Gogh's "Wheat Field with Cypress" below
[Source: Wikipedia] 

This field is just behind a bus-stop, with mountains in the background and a highway running across the horizon (barely visible behind the tall grass). This beautiful spring day with the sun, the grass field and a vast expanse of space somehow brings me a sense of freedom and peace. I took a deep breath, soaked in the sun, and thought, "If I had the money to retire, I would probably just sit in the sun, enjoy a picnic, and watch the sky and the world go by." Yeah, I am not ambitious.

Simultaneously a familiar tune automatically ran through my head. It's a chirpy theme song "サボテンの花" [Cactus Flower] from an old Japanese TV series "同一屋簷下" [Under one roof].
I think I'm lucky in that while my memory sucks when it comes to remembering names and faces, it seems to work pretty well when it comes to remembering tunes that I like. As a result, I don't really need music from a MP3 player, except when learning a new song. 
同一屋簷下 II 開場片頭 []
Under One Roof, Season Two, Opening sequence

p.s. The Cherry Blossoms season is over in Metro Vancouver. The cherry trees are now covered with fresh green leaves. Which brings to mind another aspect that I like about life in Metro Vancouver -- watching the passing of time with each season.

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