Wednesday, June 13, 2012

GNIE: Skipped school

I skipped school today. When I woke up in this morning, my throat didn't feel good, my nose felt a flu coming, and my mood was blue. I emailed lecturer H and texted AP about my absence from school at 6+am. 

Around the same time, my Korean classmate SS texted me asking me to inform the lecturer that she was sick and would miss class. SS also requested me to lend her my lecture notes. I replied her that I was also sick. She immediately text replied me that she would ask HJ (the other Korean classmate) and PY (the PRC) for today's notes and share them with me later. That's what I like about SS, she understood collaboration.


Took the day off. I just didn't feel like socializing, except for minimal small talk with my landlord and housemates. My landlord was surprised that I was home today (guess he knew my schedule by now), so he asked “今天放假?” ["Day-off today?"]

To which I smile and replied (a white lie), “Mmm, 今天放假一天。” ["Mmm, 1 day-off today."]

After 2 days off (yesterday and today), I feel better this evening. Once again, I feel happy just being in Canada. I guess I've been thinking too much. The following songs came to mind.

笑傲江湖:主題曲 《滄海一聲笑》
["Laughing over worldly affairs" movie : theme song "A laugh over the sea (of life)"]

[Only remember today's laughter]
This song is from the movie “东方不败”。["Undefeated in the East"]

[To be the real me]
This song is from the movie “东方不败”。["Undefeated in the East"]


This evening, both SS and IT texted me the tips for tomorrow's nursing theory test. It made me happy that some of my GNIE classmates do share afterall.


  1. you have already left the shores of singapore. why bring along with you the decades of ill indoctrination with you.

    if you feel satisfied that you are now free. why then burden yourself with bondage.

    if you are so critical with everyone around you, do you then think you are truly happy and free?

    you chose these songs to share for a purpose. but do you truly understand those lyrics in your mind.

    learn to unlearn. maybe you feel a lot better.

    if i am the only toad left, i will still not date you. your social intelligence is too low for me. how can you ever hope to fall in love again when you don't even respect the guy you date?

  2. Hello Anonymous at Friday, June 15, 2012 4:30:00 AM,

    I believe in the freedom of speech so I've published your comment.

    The fact that you bothered to comment on someone whom you don't even know personally, but look down on anyway, speaks volumes about your own EQ. Either that or you really have no life of your own to waste your time making such comments.

    Frankly, your comment, "i will still not date you" reveals more about your mindset than about me. All I can say is I ROFL!

    Read the blog description again, if you haven't. I am not blogging to look for love, likes, sympathy or even readers/haters. I blog for me to remember my own ups and downs. Thus, I will still blog even if I have zero readers. In the long run, I am simply not be bothered by others' opinions of me. I blog to share my story with anyone who may find it interesting. If you don't, you're free to move on, no one is forcing you to visit.

    Human behaviour fascinates me. Thus I blog about it. If you find my analysis too critical, then please refer to the preceding paragraph.

    > you don't even respect the guy you date

    I think you were referring to my blog entry "Dating 100 toads". Did you read to the end or just jump to conclusion after reading part of the entry?

    Let me re-post what I wrote at the end: 90% of the approximately 25 guys that I've dated in the past are nice fellas. It's just that not every nice person will be a good match in coupledom, no matter how hard both sides try.

    Firstly, let me state it clearly that I don't owe you or anyone an explanation on my love life. That said, I am fortunate enough to remain friends with some of these nice fellas. Thankfully they don't judge me like you did -- oh, yah, that's why they are nice fellas.

    Please move on if this blog/reply offends you. Your life is precious, don't waste it reading junk that does not contribute to your well-being.

    Best Regards,

  3. not every critic is your enemy.

  4. Hi Anonymous at Monday, June 18, 2012 6:28:00 AM,

    I don't know if you are the same Anonymous at Friday, June 15, 2012 4:30:00 AM or a different person. If you're the same person, I would suggest that you kindly move on, do not flood my blog entry with irrelevant comments.

    Of course not every critic is one's enemy. One's best critics may be one's best friends.

    E.g. In my blog entry below, JS and PL were excellent constructive critics over the course of 1.5 years of group work, that's why we worked well together.

    How to tell when a criticism is constructive? Well, wiki provides a good description.

    How to tell when a criticism is not constructive? Or in the case of online criticism, a possible troll? To my dear readers, I will leave you with the fun of dissecting the clues left by the 1st Anon in his/her criticism. Here's a clue to start off the hunt: Taking personal offence at a stranger's blog.

    Have a awesome day!

  5. I'm not sure Anon on Friday was making a personal attack...

    I read it as Anon trying to give you some advice on being happier as a person. Although Anon's last paragraph could have been better phrased...!

    Basically, I think Anon on Friday meant well, but could do better by choosing how sentences are phrased and words are used. Not a very good communicator is my conclusion! :P