Sunday, June 17, 2012

Neuro-plasticity research?

I met a neuro-psychologist recently by chance. He talked about his research in neuro-plasticity. Today, I shared with him my research idea regarding medical imaging and visual and/or audio hallucinations. He remarked, 
"I like the way you think. You have a good brain. You should go into research."
Hmm, perhaps I should revisit my previous idea on neurology research. The neuro-psychologist mentioned though that B.C. has less funding for research compared with Toronto, Montreal, or even USA. Guess, if that is going to be my path, it will be a long-haul journey getting there.

Right now, I am "marketing" myself as a future nurse informaticist (a.k.a. nurse informatician), i.e. being a nurse/healthcare professional specializing in IT (information technology). It is a logical way to combine my skills and strengths. Being a Nurse Informaticist is a twist on suggestions, by several friends, for me be an IT professional specializing in healthcare systems.


  1. Hi CK,

    No kidding! Wow, would love to hear more about your research. :)

    Cheers, WD.

  2. No, I don't do research. I hate research. :P

    I'm talking about combining nursing and IT -> nursing informatics. It's a fun field to be in, and because you are near America probably lots of developments in the area where you can use your experience and expertise to good effect. The nursing registration is more valuable than many realise! :)

  3. Hi CK,

    Oh, that would be cool too! Combining nursing & IT -> nursing informatics.

    I think my problem is that I have too many things that I am interested in, and therefore I find it hard to decide which direction to head.

    Thanks for your comments and keep in touch!

    Cheers, WD.