Monday, September 10, 2012

Picking blackberries

This is in response to asingaporeanson's request on his blog post "Cheap Onions" to see pictures of blackberry vines. To quote from the comments in the above blog post.
Winking Doll commented on 11 September 2012 06:13:
"Yeah, I also enjoy picking fruits fresh from the vine. I have picked a punnet of fresh blackberries from the vine for free 'cos it was growing wild along a pavement. Fun!"
asingaporeanson replied on 11 September 2012 10:39:
"Can you show me some pictures of the vines? I'll love to see them"
Here are some photos taken last summer (i.e. Aug-2011). The vines were cut down during spring this year, so I would have to go elsewhere if I wanted to pick free blackberries this year. There are lots of them growing wild in Richmond, B.C., Canada.

A ripe blackberry in hand is worth 
more than many unripe ones on the vine.

Blackberry on the vine amidst other plants.
The blackberry vine is the prickly one.

My punnet of free blackberries 
picked from the roadside vine.

p.s. Blackberry the fruit is not to be confused with the other Canadian BlackBerry. :-D


  1. Hey! That's the same as this tree isn't it?

    you know what? i really enjoyed plucking and eating them shortly after. it's an amazing feeling

    1. Hmm, looks similar but your tree seems to have smaller leaves and larger berries. I think they are probably "cousin" species, haha.

      Yes, I like to pluck, (*wash*) and eat too! There is something awesome about receiving Mother Nature's gifts directly. On our way back from Alberta, my friend EM (who is a Sustainability specialist) and I were chatting about the dream of owning our self-sufficient yards someday.