Friday, May 03, 2013

GNIE: RN job search - Update 2

The nice thing about living in Metro Vancouver is that one can meet friends by chance on the street and decide on an impromptu evening together. Over dinner, we updated each other about our job search status.

Of our cohort of 26 GNIE graduates who passed the CRNE (i.e. eligible for full practicing licence with the CRNBC), 9 (or 35%) have found Registered Nurse jobs.
  • Acute care: 3 
  • Residential care: 3 
  • Home nursing: 3 
That is amongst those that we know/hear from. I have yet to catch up with some of the other classmates in recent weeks. After looking at the statistics, we were happier. Happy for those who managed to secure jobs.


For myself, a theme song from an old Singapore TV series comes to mind. It is a show about migrants from China to Singapore during the early twentieth century (i.e. 1900's), when China was in chaos after the fall of the Qing Dynasty and Singapore was still a British colony. All 4 of my grandparents belong to that category, especially my paternal grandparents who arrived as poor immigrants. Having spent my early childhood with my paternal grandparents, I believe I have inherited their grit.
[Note: I am reminded of that recently when my friends talked about our hike up the Stawamus Chief (my young friends are still impressed by my drive to complete the climb despite my lack of previous physical training), and also when I shared with another friend about my episode of pneumonia.  
Aside: I feel very lucky and blessed to have known my paternal grandparents personally.]
新加坡電視劇 - [出路] 片頭
Singapore TV series - ["A way out"] opening sequence

Some food for thought for Singaporeans contemplating emigration: Although one old man despises most of us as descendants of (what he considers) "genetically inferior" coolies/farmers, he who was "born with a silver spoon" (and worked for the Japanese-Axis powers during WWII) will never know the true grit (of those coolies/farmers) that laid the foundation for the miracle of modern Singapore.

From the song lyrics:
走出去 就有路 [If one steps out, one will find a way.]


Just FYI, the Chinese farmers' story is repeated throughout the world.

Covered Roots: The History of Vancouver's Chinese Farm

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